RedGreenYellow is a record label, established 2013 by Max Gamper & Daniel Hoeft aka GAMPER & DADONI.


Our main goal is to promote the music that we love, with all the power we gained over the years working in this industry. Our personal contacts to some of the biggest artists & music promoters all over the world makes us a very special partner to work with.


That being said, we don't focus on "mass music distribution". We mainly use RedGreenYellow's strength to promote our own music. But we are always open to listen and potentially sign your track.


We are able to distribute music worldwide, including all streaming and download portals that you may know. But even more important, we have the opportunity to promote music through the biggest online networks on this planet. Music on RedGreenYellow will not only be "available", it will be heard by some of the most successful artists in the world and placed on the best promotional channels available. If you want to submit a track, please read our SUBMISSION FORM first!